Firefox Adblock Plus – A FREE Must-Have For Youtube-Watching Kids

by Melanie on February 6, 2014

In the very first tot school posts on this blog, I tried to set up YouTube playlists to go with each theme. I found children’s songs and other videos related to the theme and put them together in a playlist, which I played for Rocket throughout the week.

During Ball Week, I wrote that: “I will not continue making these playlists due to the inconvenience of monitoring Youtube ads.” I have to say, advertisements geared towards children are one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. In fact, I don’t like my son watching any commercials at all. We don’t watch TV in this household and since YouTube has become so infiltrated with ads, even on children’s videos, we rarely watch videos on the Internet either.

If this type of advertising has been a concern for you too, I have excellent news! In fact, I feel like such an Internet noob for not discovering this until now.

If you use Mozilla as your Internet browser, there is a FREE add-on that blocks advertisements from popping up on your videos! It is incredibly easy to install and once you have, you will wonder why you didn’t do it a long time ago. In fact, whether you have children or not, trust me. You WANT this add-on! It has completely revolutionized our Internet-video-watching experience.

I can now create playlists on YouTube without worrying about unwanted or inappropriate ads creeping onto the screen in front of my toddler’s eyes. I know that the educational videos I choose to add the playlist are what he will see and can rest assured that the Firefox Adblock Plus add-on will take care of unwanted ads. It also blocks ads on Facebook and some other websites too.

Learn more about Firefox AdBlock Plus and download it here. You won’t regret it!

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