Keeping Toddlers Busy With Activity Folders

by Melanie on February 10, 2014

On February 2nd, a dear friend of mine threw together a cute cupcake-themed baby shower for this “cupcake” baking in utero! It was such a special experience for me, especially since my son was born in Montana and I hadn’t had the opportunity to celebrate with all my dear loved ones from Louisville, Kentucky, where I grew up.

At the last minute, we had to change the location of the party from her home to a pizza parlor. Her pipes froze and left her without a working bathroom! On top of that, this baby shower doubled as a fundraising event for Future Hope Ministries. The founders of the cause, which focuses primarily on improving the lives of orphans in Uganda, were to give a presentation to our guests during the shower.

This meant we had to come up with an idea for keeping toddlers busy at the tables.

And so, I headed to the store and gathered materials to put together simple activity folders for keeping toddlers busy.

Here’s how they turned out:

Keeping Toddlers Busy

A bucket of activity folders for the tots.

I found post-it notes in the shape of cupcakes (which matched the theme of the party) to tape to the front of each folder. At first, I was going to write some kind of title on it, but then at the last minute, I decided the kids would probably prefer to decorate the cupcakes themselves.

Keeping Toddlers Busy

Cupcake cuteness. These folders were very inexpensive- just a matter of cents for each one.

Here’s how the activity folders looked on the inside:

Keeping Toddlers Busy

On the left were a set of printables and on the right, various activities for keeping toddlers busy.

Keeping Toddlers Busy

I found free coloring sheets on Google & Pinterest that matched our theme- cupcakes and Uganda. Each folder came with 2 coloring sheets of cupcakes, a map of Africa, and a flag of Uganda.

Keeping Toddlers Busy

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I also included artistic dessert-themed Valentine’s Day cards for the children to decorate. I placed post-it notes on the envelopes with instructions for what to do.

Keeping Toddlers Busy

Each folder also came with a sheet of stickers (mostly, animals from Africa they could use on the African map printable) and a set of dessert stickers.

Keeping Toddlers Busy

The activity folders also included small notebooks, each featuring a different dessert on its cover. I found these adorable party favors at Target.

Keeping Toddlers Busy

Probably the most time-consuming thing to create for these activity folders were the envelopes I taped to the inside to hold the crayons. I love the way they look with scrapbook paper, but crayons, markers, and colored pencils could easily have been placed on each table instead if I hadn’t had time to make them. I do prefer giving each child a set of their own if possible!

These activity folders were made in bulk, for keeping toddlers busy at the baby shower, but the same concepts can be used for more personalized and specific themes for individual children. I will definitely be making more activity folders in the future for Rocket to supplement his homeschool themes.

I’m a big believer in using themes with young children! It just ties everything together so nicely and helps them remember what you’re teaching them. These activity folders allow for kids to take their studies with them- keeping toddlers busy at restaurants, on airplanes, in cars, when visiting other peoples’ houses, etc. They are cheap to make and each one can be so unique and tailored to the child’s interests.

And the ideas for what to put in them are endless! They are as fun for kids to explore as they were for me to create.

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Michelle February 10, 2014 at 10:14 pm

These came together so nicely! I bet the kids loved them


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