Toddler And Newborn Helper Station

by Melanie on March 19, 2014

I want to share something with you that I’ve been SO excited about implementing in our home! It has certainly kept me busy as I wait for my baby to be born.

I set this up to establish a positive foundation of the upcoming toddler and newborn relationship, a foundation with big brother as a BIG helper!

Check out the Big Brother Helper Station:

Toddler And Newborn Helper Station

Ta Da!

Isn’t it just lovely?

I took Rocket’s tool bench from the basement and turned it into his go-to spot for all of his new baby helper accessories.


I set it up in his schoolroom when I was 39 weeks pregnant. I am now almost 42 weeks pregnant and still waiting on the big debut (must be cozy in my womb). This has given Rocket plenty of time to explore his helper station!

I’d written “Big Brother Helper Station” on the sign and the tool bench is stocked with:

  • cloth diapers
  • diaper wipes
  • baby blankets
  • diaper rash cream
  • diaper pins (we have been cloth diapering since he was born, so he is very responsible and knows not to open them by himself)
  • baby brush
  • baby comb
  • rattling toys
  • various baby toys

Other items will be added as needed (such as the sound machine or the toys and books he will receive to entertain baby from the big brother kit).

When I first introduced the Big Brother Helper Station to him, he ADORED it! We had already been working on all kinds of role-playing for preparing toddler for new baby and he had already “adopted” Baby Bear as his baby.

In this time leading up to our baby’s birth, he has been role-playing using the Big Brother Helper Station and Baby Bear.

Watching him so lovingly take care of Baby Bear, it’s unquestionable to me that all this pretend play is truly preparing him to help me with the real thing… and going into my 42nd week of pregnancy, you can be sure I’m ready to see it!

Toddler And Newborn Helper Station

His hands are full of helpful items.

Toddler And Newborn Helper Station

Entertaining Baby Bear with the apple.

Toddler And Newborn Helper Station

Covering Baby Bear with a blanket so he can go to sleep.

I already know he is going to be so helpful in bringing me what I need for the baby from the Big Brother Helper Station. He is incredibly excited about his role as a big brother.

I have received mixed feedback about this type of play for boys because many people are caught up in the idea that nurturing babies is a “girl” thing. I want to correct that misconception immediately. My husband is a very hands-on father. He changes diapers, swaddles babies, gives plenty of kisses, and in general is superbly affectionate. This is the example that my son has as a man and I’d have it no other way. Good fathers are incredibly nurturing and that type of behavior is something I encourage in my own son, regardless of gender stereotypes (a topic I’ll probably write more about in the future on this blog).

I’m absolutely thrilled that Rocket has reacted so positively to his Big Brother Helper Station. I know that as we all adjust to having a new baby, it will be important for every one of us- including the toddler- to feel like a useful, contributing member of the family.

Between the Big Brother Helper Station, the other fun activities we’ve been doing, and the big brother kit he will be receiving when baby is here, I feel like this 2 year old is quite prepared for the big change. Now there’s just one thing missing…

Come on, baby! We’re ready to meet you.

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