Baby’s Online Name & Tot School Update

by Melanie on April 22, 2014

It’s been several weeks since I’ve updated here, but I’m on the way to getting back into the swing of things at last.

Life with our new addition has been wonderful. Spectacular. Absolutely terrific. But the truth is, we’ve had some struggles with breastfeeding for a variety of reasons and that part has NOT been wonderful, spectacular, or absolutely terrific. That part has been downright stressful. It’s been a ridiculously emotional and tear-filled journey for me that perhaps one day I will want to write about more. We also lost an INCREDIBLE man last week- my husband’s uncle.

Between these things, my focus just hasn’t been on blogging or tot school at all. It’s been a rough time for me.

I have arranged activities here and there to keep my son engaged, but it’s not enough. He has been beyond ready for me to get back into the full routine of tot school. My daughter is 1 month old now and while taking it easy in April was much needed considering the circumstances, it’s now time for me to find my homeschooling mojo again- for Rocket!

I am eager to start our brand new unit on Before Five In A Row and share what we do with you here. The month of May will bring new books, new learning, and lots of fun new memories.

I’m ready and so is Rocket!

I also want to announce baby girl’s online name.

My son has started calling his sister the name of a character from his book I Can Sign! Playtime and it struck me as the perfect online name for her: Songbird. Rocket’s online name was chosen by his father. How fitting now for him to choose his sister’s.

I’m so excited to start our new Before Five In a Row lessons (more on what that is to come) with two students in the classroom, Rocket & Songbird. She already has taken quite an interest in books!

online name

Rocket & Songbird.

FUN TIP: Little baby eyes love bold colors. They’re attracted to black and white patterns as well as bright primary colors (especially red). Choose books that feature this type of artwork as opposed to pale or pastel hues. Classics that meet this criteria like Goodnight Moon and The Cat In The Hat attract babies to books before they can even lift their own heads!

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Michelle April 22, 2014 at 4:40 pm

I love her online name! And how sweet that it was Rocket who chose it đŸ™‚


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