Bowman Field Airport Field Trip

by Melanie on June 6, 2014

Bowman Field is an airport in Louisville, KY with tons of history. In fact, it’s the oldest operating airfield in North America and was a training base during World War II.

A field trip to Bowman Field could easily open the door to a big history lesson, especially for older children. But for our preschool co-op, we stuck to the basics… the mechanics of how these gigantic machines fly through the sky. And also, THEY GOT TO SIT IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT OF AN AIRPLANE! How cool is that?

Bowman Field

Learning about the different parts of an airplane.

Rocket was so excited about getting behind the wheel of the plane that it was a real challenge for him to wait patiently for his turn. And that is exactly why I love this group so much. When homeschoolers form communities, it teaches children how to work together and behave in a group setting, something that simply can’t be done without peers.

Bowman Field

Rocket’s turn to be the pilot.

While there, we also walked around the airport to look at all the neat airplanes parked in the field.

Bowman Field

Showing me the propeller. 

After our trip, we continued talking about airplanes through the week. Rocket told his dad about our adventure, asking him if he could come with us next time!

airplane books

We read airplane books and watched some airplane videos, particularly of takeoffs and landings.

Bowman Field

Rocket made sure to involve his sister in his airplane play time!

I learned that it costs about $8,000 for aviation instructions at Bowman Field and that for some reason, about 95% of the clients are male. I wish I had $8,000 to spare. One day, I’d love to fly a plane!

These trips are planned for the children, but I have to admit- I’ve been learning quite a bit from them myself!

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Michelle June 6, 2014 at 1:57 pm

What a neat idea for a trip! That seems like it would be fun to do.. If only I had $8,000 just lying around.. haha


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