Police Station Field Trip

by Melanie on June 24, 2014

After field trips to the fire station and the Louisville Metro EMS, there was just one stop left to complete our series on emergency departments around town: the police station.

I had mixed feelings about this trip. Was I really ready for my not even 3 year old to know how to call 9-1-1? And let’s face it, in adult life, it’s usually only bad news that warrants a visit to the police station, so maybe some of my mixed feelings were a conditioned response.

But everything went smoothly. It wasn’t my favorite field trip we’ve been on. The kind officer did say some things, with the best intentions, that I feel could have invoked unnecessary fear in toddlers. He did admit he wasn’t used to dealing with this age group.

For my particular tot, it didn’t matter anyway because he wasn’t listening. Nor was he listening to the whole 9-1-1 talk. He was ready to skip the lecture and get hands-on!

Police Station Field Trip

A friend from our group took this picture. Rocket looks like he’s in trouble!

The field trip began in a room where the children were given a lesson by the police officers about obeying parents, stealing, juvenile detention, talking to strangers, etc. They were shown caution tape, but other than that, the presentation was void of “show-and-tell”. Relying on words alone to hold their interest probably wasn’t the best strategy and the room was filled with fidgety toddlers who couldn’t seem to pay attention.

Things did get a lot more exciting when the group moved outside to see the police car.

Police Station Field Trip

An up-close inspection of the police car.

Police Station Field Trip

They even turned the sirens on for the kids. Apparently, the cars have 2 different siren noises, which they switch up randomly just to make sure people don’t get too used to one.

Police Station Field Trip

Covering those ears.

Police Station Field Trip

No getting behind the wheel this time, much to this guy’s disappointment! I learned that the cameras in these police cars are always on, even when they are turned off and parked.

When we went back inside, we met the chief, who was a very down-to-earth man with lots of stories to tell. Amongst them, we learned that he was the sole body guard for Mother Theresa when she’d visited Louisville.

Police Station Field Trip

Rocket asked if he could see one of the old typewriters the chief collects.

  Police Station Field Trip

Banging away at the keys.

Before we left, the kids were given goodies to take home. The police station, which is not used to dealing with young children and was very generous to open their doors to our homeschooling group, ordered these items just for us!

Police Station Field Trip

Goodies included a police badge sticker, a pencil, a coloring book, and a finger printing kit.

At home, I gathered up all of our emergency vehicles and we did what we do best: PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!

Police Station Field Trip

Fire trucks and police cars and ambulances, oh my!

I’m so grateful for the emergency departments and all that they do to help our city. It was wonderful for them to take the time to allow our group to take tours of their facilities and learn with direct in-person experience. It has been supremely educational for us all!

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Michelle June 24, 2014 at 2:54 pm

How nice of them to be so accommodating! Looks like Rocket took a big interest in those typewriters, too. Future learning opportunity, perhaps? Can’t wait to see you all in less than two weeks now!


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