We Still Exist!

by Melanie on November 10, 2014


I haven’t updated Teach What Counts in.. (checking last post)… FOUR MONTHS. Yikes. I know I have some explaining to do.

We still do exist. Rocket turned 3 in late October and Songbird is now 7 months old! How time flies. They are growing up beautifully and so is their relationship with one another. Here is a snapshot of them playing together recently:

Machine Party Testing (2)

So where have I been?

In July, life did one of those things it does and threw me a curve ball. It came in the form of a health hurdle that I did NOT see coming. It hasn’t been an easy one to diagnose, so it won’t be an easy one to explain. The important information for all intensive purposes of this blog is that it’s a digestive problem causing allergic responses and hypersensitivity to multiple triggers (food, dust, sun, heat, stress, you name it). Needless to say, blogging got bumped way down on my list of priorities.

My gut issue took my family by surprise. Stress certainly invited its ugly head into our home. It has also been a spiritual experience, in the best way possible. God has an incredible way of communicating with us and what he has to say is pretty incredible when we stop and listen. Sometimes it takes extreme circumstances to get us to stop and listen. That’s what happened here- and for that reason, I can only see all of this as a blessing in disguise.

The road to recovery I’ve chosen is a naturopathic, pharmaceutical-free, and whole-person approach. It will take time. The deterioration of health takes time and so does the healing!

Those who know me best know that holistic health is a topic I’m very passionate about, right up there with child-led education, so I’m going to be mindful not to go off on a tangent. I’ll be writing more about my health journey later down the road- on a separate blog where matters of health are relevant- so if you’re interested in reading about my experiences, feel free to contact me. I have SO much to say about holistic health (and the many things wrong with our conventional way of handling illness), but this blog is about education.


What have we been learning despite the setback of an unexpectedly sick mama?


First of all, learning doesn’t STOP when life happens. In fact, as I mentioned in the post Explaining Death To Children, stressful and traumatic events open a BIG door for the deeper life lessons that can be difficult to teach. It is in those moments that thoughts, beliefs, and paradigms become ingrained, whether they’re good ones or bad ones. In other words, it is during life’s sucky, unexpected challenges that much of “who we are” takes form.

My husband and I have been trying our best to use my health problem as an opportunity to teach our son important life lessons. Who am I kidding, WE are learning important life lessons! We are all learning together and that’s a humbling thing.

In addition to the hard knock “School of Life”, I’m pleased to report that even though I haven’t been blogging about it, school is still going strong in our home. Except that it is no longer “Tot School” because…

Rocket officially started Preschool!

It is structured a little differently than Tot School, but is very similar in many ways. It’s based on Rocket’s interests, involves extra-curricular, out-of-the-home activities, and is still centered on having fun.

The important thing is that it’s focused time spent with me and hones in on how my individual child learns. School time for Songbird is also based on her interests and developmental needs. It’s a lot more basic because she’s so young, but she is sponging up everything she can!

I’ll go into details about what we do for both children in future posts. In fact, I have quite the backlog of photos, activities, and posts to write, so bear with me as I transition into “waking up” this blog after its long hiatus.

Now that my health issues are improving and I am settling into a routine that allows more free time for writing, I’m excited to begin sharing our homeschooling adventure with you here again. Stay posted- I won’t let another 4 months go by without an update! 🙂

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Michelle December 1, 2014 at 6:31 pm

Glad to hear things are falling back into place! It’s time to get focused on the new blog.. Looks like I have lots of work to do! haha


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