Slime Recipe For Kids

by Melanie on November 19, 2014

Monster Slime (5)

Look at that smiling face! How can you go wrong with a 3 year old and gooey, glittery slime?

One of our outside-the-home activities we attend regularly is an early learning readiness program sponsored by the YMCA. We call it Y School. We do a lot of fun stuff in Y School and it gives this mama’s brain a break from thinking up new ways to be engaging. Don’t get me wrong- I love getting into creative mode, but even so, sometimes letting someone else do most of the work is a more than welcome change! It also frees up my creative energy to pour into Five In A Row, our homeschooling co-op, or whatever else we’re doing in pre-school.

One thing we did in Y School was just too fantastic not to share on here: WE MADE SLIME! And just look how fun it was:

Monster Slime (7)

Clap, Clap, Cut, Cut!

I have to say, I LOVE this stuff. It’s seriously even fun for parents to play with. I’m telling you, you just have to try it and see for yourself.

We made some in 2 different colors and I can’t wait to go get supplies to make even more! I didn’t take pictures of the process of making it, but believe me when I say that your kid can take part! It is incredibly simple, from start to finish.

Slime Recipe For Kids

Slime Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup of clear glue
  • 1 1/2 cups of water
  • 1 teaspoon of Borax
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter

Slime Recipe Instructions:

1) Mix 1 cup of water with 1 teaspoon of Borax in a bowl. Set this Borax solution aside.

2) In a separate bowl, mix the glue, 1/2 a cup of water, food coloring, and glitter.

3) Mix both solutions together and the slime will begin to take form. Allow children to do the mixing with their hands. Expect a mess and squeals of delight!

4) Pour out excess water. Now knead any extra fluids out of your slime. If it’s too sticky, add more Borax. If it’s too firm, add more water!

5) Store slime is an air-tight container.

6) PLAY WITH THE SLIME until you’re all slimed out!!!


At the Y School, we made 2 batches of slime- one more gooey and the other more firm. We originally made red and blue, but Rocket wanted to mix some of the red with our blue, so it turned out a deep indigo hue.

Monster Slime (1)

At home, I presented the slime on a tray with various Play-Doh tools and scissors on a different tray. The kitchen table was the play area!

Monster Slime (6)

Rocket spent a lot of play time pretending the slime was pizza from our favorite gluten-free, dairy-free pizza joint in town. The thicker indigo slime cut very smoothly into “pizza slices”.

Monster Slime (3)

Rocket has come a long way in developing a love for getting messy! As a baby/early toddler, it was a challenge to encourage him to explore things like this. Now just look at that goo dripping from those hands!

Monster Slime (2)

He really loved feeling the texture of this stuff and watching gravity drag it downwards. The slime could also be shaped in different ways, including balls that really bounce!

Monster Slime

It’s aliiiiiiive!

If you have children (and hey, even if you don’t) & if maximum fun at minimal cost and with minimal ingredients sounds like your cup of tea…

you really ought to give this kid-approved, parent-approved slime recipe a try!

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